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How to Find the Best ‘Painters Near Me’ in Denver: A Comprehensive Guide

According to a 2019 survey, approximately one-third of homeowners who attempted DIY projects, including repainting their home’s exterior and interior, regretted this decision. Think back to the last time you tried tackling a do-it-yourself painting project. Were you overwhelmed, lost, and regretful that you didn’t hire professional painting services?

Congratulations! You’ve made the wise decision to hire painting contractors to tackle your interior or exterior painting job – but this is only the first step in your journey. Now, you need to find the best Denver painting companies to tackle your project! Here are a few simple tips to help you find professional painters near you:

painted office wall
Skilled professional painters will know exactly where to start work on your walls and will prep the whole room before work begins!

Finding the Best Denver Painters for Your Painting Project

There are dozens of fantastic house painters in the Denver area who will do an excellent job transforming your home through color. However, how do you narrow down your options without wasting your time or pulling out your hair?

The answer is simple: hire Two Painters & A Brush! With decades of experience serving our amazing customers throughout the Denver, CO, area, our team of talented interior and exterior painters can transform your home through color!

professional painterWhy Your Painting Project Deserves Professional Painting Services

You will never invest more time, money, effort, blood, sweat, and tears into another project like your home. A home is more than a place to create memories and raise children – it is an investment in your financial future. Protecting this investment is paramount, so why would you trust painting your home’s interior or exterior to an unprofessional painting service or even your own two inexperienced hands?

Whether you are hiring painting contractors to complete a small wall painting project in your basement or need the best Denver painting companies to repaint every square inch of your home’s interior and exterior – you deserve to work with the foremost painting company near you. Don’t trust your home’s look and your greatest investment to inadequate interior painting companies; contact the best painters around!

localThe Importance of Choosing a Locally Owned Denver Painting Company

Denver’s current population hovers around 715,000 residents. What does this mean for you as a homeowner looking for a painting contractor who will do a quality job? It means you have several options to choose from, including nationwide chain painting services.

All these choices can feel overwhelming, and narrowing down your options might seem impossible. Want a great place to start? As with most quality products and services, it is always best to hire locally!

A small, locally owned Denver-based knows the area and understands the unique needs of all its wonderful customers. For example, a local company understands the Denver weather and which paint brands will withstand the area’s arid climate.

The DIY approach is costly and fraught with potential dangers. National chains are impersonal and won’t provide you with quality customer service. This leaves the obvious choice: The personalized touch you can only enjoy with a Denver-based local painter with a stellar reputation.

painting house exterior
Your homes exterior needs as much loving as your inside walls do

Exterior Painting Services in Denver, CO: What You Need to Know

If you think picking the perfect colors and finish for your Denver home is tricky, wait until you try to find the ideal product for your exterior! Exterior painting requires knowledge and expertise and is a multi-step process that must completed in a precise order.

From power washing and meticulous prep work to protecting your lawn, plants, and shrubs – do you really want to spend the next few weekends tackling an exterior painting project?

For most homeowners, the answer to that question is a resounding “No,” so do yourself a favor and leave house painting to the pros at Two Painters & A Brush. We are a family-owned and operated painting company that will do a great job painting your home’s exterior.

exterior paintThe Basics of Exterior Paint Choices

The color of your home isn’t only about expressing your personality and style. You need to make a thoughtful decision based on your home’s architectural style, your neighborhood’s vibe, and, in some cases, the restrictions your homeowner’s association, or HOA, places on exterior paint colors. Follow these simple steps to choose the ideal paint colors for your home’s exterior:

Take a quick drive through the neighborhood. The last thing you want is to be known as the strange person living in the neighborhood eyesore. Choose a color that reflects your unique personal style but also works with the predominant colors of your neighborhood. This is especially crucial if you are selling your home in the future.

Use caution when following painting trends. In addition to choosing the improper paint type and finish, one of the biggest mistakes homeowners make is relying too heavily on trends when picking their exterior paint color. Instead, choose an exterior house paint that is truly timeless, works with your home’s architectural style, and complements your roof’s color.

Test several colors in the sunlight. Always purchase quality paint manufactured by a top brand, including Sherwin Williams, Behr, or Benjamin Moore. Always watch these colors on your home’s exterior in full sunlight. This will give you the truest sense of the color’s unique undertones, depth, and how these factors will be influenced by direct sunlight.

pro paintersHow Denver Painting Companies Excel in Exterior Painting Services

Professional painting services understand the entire process of painting a home, from start to finish. The last thing you want is to work with a company that is inexperienced or unfamiliar with Denver’s unique climate and the tricky temperatures and starts an exterior job right before a significant snowfall in winter or before it rains. Many Denver painting companies excel and will simply do a fantastic job.

The professional painters at Two Painters & A Brush are among the Denver area’s premier painting companies. We excel at not only choosing the right finish and brand of paint for your unique needs and preferences, but we also understand how to properly prepare every square foot of your home’s exterior, protect your lawn and garden from paint splatter, and ensure the paint is applied correctly based on your siding material.

interior project beginning
Nothing like a “blank canvas”, right?

Interior Painting: Transforming Your Denver Home

Paint quality and color are two core aspects of having your exterior house painted. The same holds true in your home’s interior – but there are many additional factors you need to consider for your interior paint project:

  • Do you require drywall repair?
  • How much will drywall repairs cost?
  • Are you considering accent walls?
  • How do you make the colors flow from one room to the next?
  • Should I choose a funky color or opt for a more traditional color palette?

painting wallPainting Interior Walls: Tips from Denver Painters

If you are overwhelmed by the prospect of painting your interior walls, don’t worry because you aren’t alone! Just take a slow, deep breath and follow these very simple interior wall painting tips provided by your friendly local Denver interior painters:

Create a budget with your interior square footage in mind. The overall cost of your paint project is based on the cost of materials, labor, and your home’s square footage. Grab a tape measure and take some rough measurements to help you preliminarily determine what a professional painter will charge.

Splurge on quality paint and wallpaper removal. Never skimp on quality; instead, always splurge on quality paint and primer. Sure, you can paint over wallpaper, but the finished product won’t look clean. Instead, before painting walls, work with a company that can first expertly and quickly remove wallpaper.

For goodness sake – paint your ceiling! The job is done, and your walls look beautiful! That is until you look up and see your stained, ugly, streaky ceilings. Look for a professional house painter in your area that also offers popcorn ceiling removal and ceiling painting. Trust us; you will be very thankful you spent the extra cash and eliminated those unsightly popcorn ceilings!

Yes, you can paint your kitchen cabinets. Don’t waste your money on new kitchen cabinets; instead, ask the team at Two Painters & A Brush about our comprehensive cabinet painting services. Whether you opt for cabinet painting or cabinet refinishing, this seemingly insignificant extra can make all the difference in your kitchen’s look and feel.

professional painterInterior Painters: Why Professional Services Make a Difference

Having your interior walls painted is a major inconvenience, and you want to ensure that the walls are dry and you can hang your treasured family photos ASAP. As a novice painter, do you know how many coats your kitchen walls will require?

Do you know how to prep, prime, and paint promptly? Chances are, the answer to most or all of these questions is a resounding no!

Professional painters know their stuff, and opting for professional services does make a difference. The finished product is more polished, and the entire project will be prepped and completed much faster. Save yourself a lot of time, grief, and hassle; instead, hire local painters to transform your home’s interior.

kitchen painting
Our guys provide the best professional painting experience you can hope for!

Denver Painting Contractors: How to Choose the Right One

You’ve made the wise decision to work with a local painting company; now comes the big question: How do I choose the right residential painter near me who understands quality and has a very firm grasp of the current trends in interior paint colors?

Working with the well-oiled painting machine that is Two Painters & A Brush is a great place to start! Our philosophy is simple: You will never go wrong when you work with quality products and strive to provide a positive, stress-free experience!

excellenceWhat to Look for in Denver Painting Contractors

You are proud of your home and want to ensure that when it comes to the upkeep and maintenance of your property, you only work with the best. What qualities should you look for in a Denver painting company?

Start by finding a local company with a reputation for excellence. Work with painters with positive reviews online and many satisfied customers willing to provide glowing recommendations – including your friends and neighbors.

local paintersWhy Local Painters in Denver, CO Stand Out

The Mile High City is a beautiful place to call home, and you have loved every minute of enjoying the crisp winter air, swimming during the dry summers, and leaf-peeping with your friends in autumn. It’s no wonder there are so many fantastic painting companies throughout the Denver metro area.

What makes Two Painters & A Brush stand out? It’s simple – Our commitment to quality and the wide variety of services we offer! From exterior painting to popcorn ceiling removal, power washing, and wallpaper removal, we are indeed your one-stop shop for each of your exterior and interior painting needs.

Beyond prepping and applying paint, we can also help you choose the best paint color and paint finish for your home’s architecture and your unique aesthetic. Are you painting kitchen cabinets and want to find the ideal color that complements the walls in your kitchen, dining room, and living room?

Aren’t sure if you should choose a neutral color or a shade of white to complement your tan asphalt shingles? No matter what the question, we have the answer!

two painters and a brush
At Two Painters and a Brush, we provide local experience with the professionalism of a nationwide company

House Painters in Denver: Your Options

When it comes to painting your home, your options are limited. Sure, you could take a few days off work and tackle the job yourself, hire the local handyman with little experience and inferior equipment, or work with an impersonal national chain that will treat you like another number. Or, you could hire a local family-owned business that will strive for perfection – like the crew at Two Painters & A Brush!

prepare to exterior paintingHow Denver House Painters Approach a Paint Job

Quality, reputable, professional house painters are notorious for being methodical and will approach your paint job as though they were prepping and painting their own home. The process starts with a free estimate and consultation.

You will be assigned a brilliant project manager who will always make sure your needs are met, and the painters are completing the job on time and within budget. The crew will work like clockwork, and before you know it, the paint will be dry, and you will be hanging pictures and enjoying your beautifully painted walls.

portfolioThe Benefits of Hiring Local House Painters

You pride yourself on shopping locally for two simple reasons: Quality and integrity. Local painters not only understand the tricky Denver climate but are also valued members of your community. When you support local businesses, you are supporting your local economy.

You can sit back and watch as your home is transformed by a company that is ultimately benefiting your neighborhood and community. What could be better than that?

painting in summer
Knowing how to paint your walls will depend on what time of the year it is. Winters and summers can have differing affects on fresh paint

Paint Denver: The City’s Unique Painting Challenges

Denver is a city of beautiful contradictions. The summers are hot and dry. Autumn is crisp and chilly; the winters can be downright icy, cold, and brutal. Whether you are painting your home’s exterior, interior, or both – timing is everything.

Local painters understand the contradictory Denver weather and can plan accordingly. Only a neighborhood painting contractor will know the ideal time to prep and paint your home’s exterior based on the ever-changing temperature, humidity, wind speed, and air pressure.

extreme temperatureHow Denver’s Climate Affects Your Exterior Paint

Denver’s climate is tricky, and the constant temperature changes, lack of humidity in summer, and harsh, damp temperatures in winter can wreak havoc on your home’s exterior. Your exterior house painters will choose a paint that is not only the right color but is also flexible, UV resistant, and resists the unrelenting damage that can be caused by moisture, mold, and mildew.

garage door painting
Our team specialise in painting all areas of your home, including garage doors!

Denver Painting Services: What We Offer

At Two Painters & A Brush, we offer a wide variety of services to both our residential and commercial clients. In addition to being the premier house painters in the Denver area, we also go a step further by being one of the only local painting companies that understands the importance of color and how different colors can impact not only how your house looks but also how it feels and how color can impact your mood.

As mentioned above, we offer all the services needed to transform your home with the right paint finish and color, including interior and exterior painting. We will even paint your garage doors! Additionally, we can expertly and safely patch drywall, powerwash your siding, remove ugly popcorn ceilings, and remove your outdated wallpaper.

communicationHow to Get the Most Out of Professional Painters in Denver

Whether you require expert residential or commercial painting services, the best way to get the most out of your experience is through insight and communication. Talk to your painters and work with them through every step of the process.

Having second thoughts about the color of your master bedroom after the first coat? Tell us immediately, and we will make any necessary corrections. At Two Painters & A Brush, we aren’t finished until our clients are completely satisfied.

painting wall corners
You won’t find a more dedicated team of painting experts than Two Painters & A Brush!

Final Thoughts: Your Guide to the Best Paint Job in Denver

The first step in any search for the best Denver painting companies is understanding how to find reliable painting contractors near you who are reliable, trustworthy, licensed, certified, and will simply do an amazing job!

The secret is out: You don’t need to perform an exhaustive search; instead, work with the fantastic team at Two Painters & A Brush. With several years of experience, we are hands down the best painting company in the Denver area.

mobile appYour Next Steps: Contacting Denver Painting Companies for Quotes

Way to go! You’ve made a smart decision and decided to hire a professional painting company in Denver rather than trying to paint your home’s exterior or interior on your own. What is the next step? Contact the outstanding team at Two Painters for a free consultation and a totally free quote on all our services.

faq for painters
Remember, when it comes to choosing the right painters for your home or office, there are no stupid questions!

People also ask

cost of paintersHow much do painters charge in Denver?

Different painting companies offer different price structures. Some might charge a flat rate per hour, while others will charge by the room or charge you a single fee for the entire project.

Several factors influence the rate – including your home’s square footage, additional services, experience, location, and the season. Each job is unique, which is why you should contact us directly for an accurate price to paint your home’s exterior or interior.

reviewsHow do I know if a painter is good?

As with any other service you want to know, when you type in “painters near me,” the search results will offer you the best and brightest businesses in your area. Narrow down your options by reading several online reviews, including the reviews on the Better Business Bureau website, asking for glowing recommendations from friends and family, and watching for common red flags.

A disreputable business will not offer free estimates, will not be properly licensed or insured, and will provide you with a price that seems too low to be true.

price haggleCan you haggle with painters?

Yes, you can absolutely barter with painters on the cost of their goods and services. Another great way to save money on your interior or exterior painting project is to plan to do some of the prep work yourself, including patching drywall, power washing your exterior, or moving furniture and laying down tarps or plastic on the floors.

communicationHow can I easily select a perfect painter for my Denver house?

Based on your research and reviews, narrow your options to three or four contractors. Ask questions during the initial consultation. For example, ask which paint brands the company uses, about their experience, and ask for references and examples of past projects.

A quality company will happily answer your questions, provide plenty of before-and-after pictures, and, most importantly, will not charge you for the quote on all labor and materials.

value for moneyIs paying a painter worth it?

Absolutely! You will not regret working with a professional painting service! If you have ever painted a single wall in your home, think back to the hassle of cleaning, taping, painting, choosing the right finish, and making sure the paint job is even and there are no streaks.

Have you ever dripped paint on hardwood floors or carpets and tried to clean up the paint chips? It’s a nightmare and one you can avoid by leaving this labor-intensive job to the professionals!

painting mistakesWhat should you not do while painting interior walls?

First and foremost, don’t paint the walls yourself! Next, trust that house painters understand which color and finish will work with each room in your home’s interior and entire exterior. Finally, always ensure the walls are completely dry before redecorating the space. This can only occur if your home is painted in a timely manner, which can easily be accomplished by a professional painting company!

professional painters
Two Painters and a Brush offer professional services for your home or business!

Are You Ready to Get Started?

Are you finally ready to transform the drab, dull, dirty walls inside your home? Want to repaint your home’s exterior before selling the property or as a way to increase your curb appeal?

Contact Two Painters & A Brush today for a no-obligation quote! With several years of experience serving the amazing people in and around Denver, we are your one-stop shop for every interior and exterior painting need!