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Popcorn Ceiling Removal In Denver, CO

If you’re looking to remove a popcorn ceiling or repaint your textured popcorn ceiling, Two Painters and a Brush are here to help. We provide popcorn ceiling removal services as well as a wide range of other painting and handyman services. We’re based in Denver, Colorado, but we serve the entire Front Range area. Call us today at (720) 831-8998 to schedule a free estimate.

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Popcorn ceilings were a popular design feature in the 1950s, but their days may be numbered. Popcorn ceiling, also known as stucco ceilings, was a cost-effective solution for families trying to add a bit of design to their homes and save money.

But now, many homeowners are eager to get rid of this textured look in favor of something a little more modern. If you’re one of the many homeowners in Denver, CO, ready to say goodbye to your popcorn ceiling, our Two Painters and a Brush team can help.

old popcorn ceiling
Remove Old Popcorn Ceiling

Popcorn Ceiling Design and Texture

The main reason popcorn ceiling textures have been declining is the asbestos fibers used in getting the texture of the high ceilings. Asbestos is a naturally-occurring mineral that was once used in a variety of construction materials because it is heat-resistant and durable. However, asbestos exposure can cause serious health problems, including lung cancer.

When popcorn ceilings are removed, the fibers can become airborne and inhaled, leading to health problems. That’s why it’s essential to have your popcorn ceiling removal done by professionals with the experience and training to do the job safely.

If you’re considering having your textured popcorn ceilings removed, call Two Painters and a Brush today! (720) 831-8998

Benefits of Popcorn Ceiling Removal

Several benefits come with removing your popcorn ceiling.

These benefits include:

  • Improving the look of your home: A smooth, modern ceiling can do wonders for the overall look of your home.
  • Increasing the value of your home: If you’re considering selling your home in the future, removing the popcorn ceiling can increase its value.
  • Making your home safer: As mentioned above, popcorn ceilings can contain asbestos fibers, which can harm your health if inhaled. Removing popcorn ceilings can help improve the air quality in your home and reduce your risk of asbestos exposure.
  • Allowing for easier repairs: If you have a leaky ceiling, removing the popcorn texture can make it easier to find and repair the source of the leak. Because of the existing popcorn texture, finding any potentially hazardous problems with your ceiling can be more difficult.

Call Two Painters and a Brush today if you’re ready to enjoy the benefits of popcorn ceiling removal. We’ll work quickly and safley to remove your popcorn ceiling so you can enjoy your updated home.

popcorn ceiling removal benefits
Why Should You Remove Your Popcorn Ceiling?

Why Popcorn Ceilings Were So Popularized

Popcorn texture ceiling was all the rage in the 1950s-1980s because of its ability to hide imperfections and poor workmanship in the ceiling. Applying a popcorn-style texture, also known as cottage cheese style, was done quickly and easily. This method helped with labor costs and time.

The textured ceiling was sprayed on with a handheld machine and, in some cases, rolled on. A joint compound was used as the primary adhesive to hold the small styrofoam balls or popcorn shape in place. This method is still being used today but has slowly decreased due to new EPA regulations and the health hazards of asbestos fibers.

What Are The Benefits of a Popcorn Ceiling Texture

Popcorn ceilings are not only cost-effective and can conceal flaws, but it can also absorb sound, thus the name acoustic ceilings. This made them ideal for families with small children or apartments where soundproofing was necessary. The popcorn ceiling texture was also an excellent fire retardant.

Now, many of the reasons why popcorn ceilings were popular have changed. Many homeowners are now more concerned with the health hazards posed by asbestos or lead paint and the outdated look of popcorn ceilings.

If you have questions about our popcorn ceiling removal process or want a free estimate, please call us at (720) 831-8998.

Popcorn Ceiling Removal Cost

To remove popcorn ceiling and retexture a 10’x30′ room, the average cost nationally ranges from $950 to $2,700. To ensure a seamless finish, we recommend matching your walls’ texture after removing popcorn ceiling.

Popcorn ceiling removal costs will depend on the size of your room, the type of texture you have, and whether you need to match the texture of your walls. A newly smooth ceiling may require repainting as well. All these factors will be considered when providing you with your free estimate.

popcorn ceiling removal cost
How Much Does It Costs?

Steps to Removing a Popcorn Ceiling

To remove a popcorn ceiling texture, the process begins with covering your floors and furniture with a drop cloth. We then use a special machine to scrape the popcorn ceiling off your existing ceiling. Once the popcorn is removed, we will apply a new texture to your ceiling, depending on your preference.

The entire removal process usually takes one to two days, depending on the size of your room and the type of texture you have. We work quickly and efficiently to minimize the disruption to your home. We use appropriate safety gear to protect you and your family from any health hazards posed by asbestos and lead paint.

Call us at (720) 831-8998 to schedule a free estimate for your popcorn ceiling removal. We’ll be happy to answer any questions about the process and help you choose the best option for your home.

Is It Advisable To Remove a Popcorn Ceiling?

Removing popcorn ceilings is highly advisable. This is because most popcorn ceilings have a high chance of containing asbestos, which can harm your health if inhaled. In addition, popcorn ceiling is often made with lead paint, which can also be a health hazard.

Popcorn ceiling removal is not a project you can do yourself. It requires the use of specialized equipment and knowledge. If you have a ceiling fans in your home, they will need to be removed for better paint coverage. Popcorn removal services will also know how to patch any holes or cracks in your ceiling before applying the new texture.

If your existing popcorn ceiling tests positive for asbestos, you need to hire a professional to do the asbestos removal. Actual project costs will have all these factors included.

Tools Needed To Remove Popcorn Ceiling

Removing a popcorn ceiling is a home improvement job generally not recommended for do-it-yourselfers. This is because the tools and materials needed for popcorn ceiling removal can be expensive, and the job is messy and time-consuming.

You’ll first need drop cloths to protect your flooring from the popcorn ceiling debris and apply plastic sheeting to the wall and fixtures. Next, you’ll need a pole sander, sanding pads, and a drywall knife to remove all the texture. You’ll also need a putty knife, joint compound, and drywall mud pan to catch any wet popcorn. A garden sprayer can be used to wet the ceiling. Using a putty knife, gently scrape the wet ceiling.

Finally, Patch any holes or imperfections in your ceiling before applying a new texture to the entire ceiling.

Two Painters and a Brush can remove popcorn ceilings safely. We’ll work quickly and efficiently to minimize the disruption to your home and use appropriate safety gear to protect you and your family from any health hazards.

Call us at (720) 831-8998 to schedule a free estimate for your popcorn removal services.

popcorn removal tools
Popcorn Ceiling Removal Toolbox by Two Painters & A Brush

Calculating Removal Cost For Popcorn Ceiling

Each popcorn ceiling project is different. There are a few factors to consider when deciding the best way to remove popcorn ceiling texture. A contractor must consider the ceiling height, square foot ceiling size, and the popcorn texture type.

Popcorn ceiling removal typically ranges in cost from $900-$2900. Just for scraping popcorn ceiling, it can run you about $495-$1,000 per square foot. Labor costs and other services also need to be factored in, such as removing the debris and giving the ceiling a new coat of paint. On average, you can calculate labor costs by $0.31 to $0.37 per square foot.

Advantages of Hiring a Professional for Popcorn Ceiling Removal Services

Why hire Two Painters and a Brush to remove a popcorn ceiling:

  • First, professionals have the experience and knowledge necessary to safely remove popcorn ceiling texture from your home, especially if your ceiling tests positive for asbestos. Asbestos can have a health risk if inhaled, so it’s essential that the removal process is done correctly.
  • Second, lead paint job removal is a specialized process that should only be performed by a professional.
  • Third, professionals have the proper tools and equipment to remove popcorn ceilings quickly and efficiently. This includes drop cloths, plastic sheeting, pole sanders, sanding pads, putty knives, joint compound, drywall mud pans, garden sprayers, and more.
  • Fourth, professionals will know how to patch any holes or cracks in your ceiling before applying the new texture and apply a skim coat. This is important to ensure an even finish.
  • Fifth, professionals can remove your popcorn ceiling without damaging your walls or fixtures.

Last but not least, professionals will clean up the area after the job is complete, so you don’t have to worry about the mess.

For all these reasons, it’s best to hire a professional for popcorn ceiling removal services.

Two Painters and a Brush has the experience and expertise to safely and quickly remove your existing popcorn texture.

We use the proper safety gear, tools, and equipment, and we’ll patch any holes or cracks in your ceiling before applying the new texture. We’ll also clean up the area after the job is complete.

Call us at (720) 831-8998 to schedule a free estimate for your popcorn removal services.

professional popcorn ceiling removal
Clean & Harmless Process

How to Proceed After Your Textured Ceiling Has Been Removed

Now that you have a smooth surface, you can get creative with your ceiling texture. Whether you’re looking to get a new coat of colored paint or a bumpy texture, we’ll work with you to get the perfect texture finish for your home. Removing a popcorn ceiling opens up many new options to make your ceiling stand out.

What is the Most Common Ceiling Texture?

After your popcorn ceiling is removed, the most common ceiling texture is an orange peel texture. This can be applied with a garden sprayer and a compound. A new trend in 2022 for ceilings is exposed wood beams. It gives your home an elevated look while still making it feel cozy. Another great trend is using a dark color with a light fixture design.

Repainting Your Existing Popcorn Ceiling

Homeowners who want to keep their popcorn ceiling but desire a new paint job can do so. It’s a simple process of using a paint sprayer or a roller. Although popcorn ceiling has an outdated texture, some like its benefits. Its bumpy texture absorbs sound and is an excellent fire retardant.

Is Textured Ceiling Trend Coming Back?

Homeowners have been looking for ways to give their homes a more updated look. In recent years the ceiling has been a new focal point for a room. Staring upward has given homeowners new perspectives, and the ceiling has become an extension of the wall.

Six types of ceiling textures popular in 2022

  1. Orange peel texture
  2. Knockdown texture
  3. swirled texture
  4. popcorn texture
  5. skip towel texture
  6. Lace texture