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Wallpaper Removal In Denver, CO.

In the 1990s, major home trends were wallpaper with a boarded top or across the middle. But as time changed, homeowners decided that wallpaper removal was necessary to help give homes a modern look. Interior design professionals now suggest removing wallpaper as a simple way to change the look of a room, and it is one of the most popular home improvement projects.

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If you’re considering wallpaper removal in Denver, CO, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Wallpaper removal can be a tedious and time-consuming process. Hiring a professional like Two Painters and a Brush is best if you’re not prepared to invest the time.
  • There are a few different wallpaper removal methods, and the most effective approach will depend on your type of wallpaper.
  • Some types of wallpaper can be more challenging to remove than others. If you’re unsure about your ability to remove the wallpaper, it’s best to hire a professional.

If you’re considering wallpaper removal in Denver, CO, contact us at (720) 831-8998 for more information. We would be happy to help you choose the best method of wallpaper removal for your home.

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Remove Old Wallpaper Job In Denver

Remove Wallpaper

If you live in Denver, CO, and are considering removing wallpaper from your home, there are a few things you need to know.

The first thing to consider is the type of wallpaper you have. If your wallpaper is vinyl or has a plastic coating, it will be much easier to remove than if it is made of paper.

Vinyl Wallpaper

Vinyl wallpaper usually peels right off the wall. You can start in a corner and slowly peel it back, using a putty knife to help with stubborn areas. If there are any remaining adhesive residues, you can remove them with vinegar or a commercial adhesive remover.

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We Remove All Types Of Wallpapers

Paper Wallpaper

Paper wallpaper is more difficult to remove because it can tear easily. You will need to use a scoring tool and a spray bottle with hot water, and a utility knife before you start peeling it off the wall. Be careful not to damage the drywall beneath. Once you have successfully removed the old wallpaper, you may need to sand the walls smoothly before laying a fresh coat of paint or hanging a newly designed wallpaper.

Removing Wallpaper

The DIY wallpaper removal process is time-consuming and can be messy. Many steps need to be taken before you can strip wallpaper. Although you could handle this task independently, entrusting it to those with more experience might be best.

Our wallpaper stripper will do all the prep work for you. From removing outlet covers and stripping the wall coverings to moving furniture and floor coverings, we’ll make sure to remove wallpaper without damaging the surfaces below or around the entire wall.

Two Painters and a Brush is your premier Denver painting company, offering residential painting services. We also specialize in wallpaper removal! Our team of professional Denver painters can help you quickly and easily transform your home’s look. Contact us at (720) 831-8998 to learn more about our services.

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Professional Wallpaper Removal Service in Denver

Removing Wallpaper From Plaster Walls

Before starting the wallpaper removal process, you first need to know whether you have plaster walls or drywall. A Plaster wall is made of lime, cement, sand, and water, while drywall is made of gypsum.

If your wall is made of plaster, you must be extra careful when removing wallpaper because the plaster could crumble. The best way to remove wallpaper from the walls is to use a wallpaper steamer. A steamer will soften the wallpaper so you can easily peel it off without damaging the plaster.

Tools For Wallpaper removal

Many tools are needed to have a successful wallpaper removal experience. It would help if you had a ladder, drop cloths, a scoring tool, a spray bottle with hot water, a putty knife, and a utility knife. Wear gloves and use painter’s tape to protect the borders.

Mixing fabric softener and warm water is a low-cost way to remove wallpaper. If your walls are plaster, you’ll need extra tools such as a wallpaper steamer and a razor knife. Wallpaper removal can be messy, so it’s best to have all the necessary tools on hand before you get started.

wallpaper removal tools
Knives, Scrappers, and Dust Masks

Wallpaper Removal Services

If you don’t want to go through the hassle of removing wallpaper yourself, you can always hire a professional to do it for you. Wallpaper removal services usually include removing the existing wallpaper with wallpaper steamers, sanding the top layer of the walls, and painting or hanging newly designed wallpaper.

Hiring a professional to remove wallpaper is often the best option; they have the experience and know-how to do the job quickly and efficiently. They will also be able to identify any problem areas and take care of them before they become bigger issues.

Two Painters and a Brush offers wallpaper removal services in Denver, CO. We have a team of experienced painters who can help you quickly and easily transform your home’s look. Contact us at (720) 831-8998.

Opt for Strippable Wallpaper

Strippable wallpaper can be removed from the wall without damaging the surface or leaving a lot of residues, and this is because of its permeable backing. This type of wallpaper is ideal if you are planning to redecorate often because it can easily be removed and replaced.

To remove strippable wallpaper, you need to score the wallpaper with a scoring tool and then peel it off the wall. If any paper backing residue is left behind, you can remove it with warm water and a damp cloth.

removing strippable wallpaper
Remove Strippable Wallpaper Service

Removable Wallpaper Project

Removable wallpaper, also called temporary wallpaper, is another type of wallpaper that can be easily removed without damaging the surface. This type of wallpaper has a self-adhesive backing that allows you to remove it without using any tools. Strippable paper is permeable, which means it’s less labor intensive, and you can remove the wallpaper easily.

Removing Traditional Wallpaper

Traditional wallpaper is the most difficult to remove because it is not permeable and can damage surfaces. To remove traditional wallpaper, you need to use a scoring tool to make tiny holes in the paper. Then, use a spray bottle with hot water to wet the paper, and wait for 15 minutes before peeling it off the wall.

It would help if you let the paper soak before removing the wallpaper. If any adhesive residue is left, you’ll need to use some elbow grease and a putty knife to remove the loose paper.

traditional paper wallpaper removal
Remove Traditional Wallpaper From Plaster Walls

What to Expect When Hiring a Professional for Wallpaper Removal

When you hire a professional for wallpaper removal, the process will be much smoother and more manageable. The professionals at Two Painters and a Brush have the right tools and experience to remove all types of wallpaper quickly and efficiently. Steaming wallpaper is not a quick and easy job, but professionals know how to monitor moisture levels to avoid any damage. They know how to utilize the steamer quickly as well.

They will also take the necessary precautions to avoid damaging your walls by making sure your furniture and flooring are well protected using drop cloths. Outlet covers will be removed, and any wall hangings will be taken down before work begins.

After the job is done, the professionals will clean up all the mess and dispose of the old wallpaper.

Wallpaper Removal Cost

Wallpaper removal cost is about $3 per square foot. For a 12 x 12 foot room, you can expect to pay about $550. A few factors affect the cost, such as multiple layers, the age of the wallpaper, and wall type.

cost of wallpaper removal
How Much Does It Cost To Remove Old Wallpapers?

Hanging Your New Wallpaper

Now that the wallpaper stripper has removed the old wallpaper safely, you’re ready to apply your new modern wallpaper. Hanging wallpaper is a process, but with a bit of time and effort, your contemporary wallpaper will look amazing!

The first step is to apply a wallpaper primer to the walls. This will help the wallpaper stick better to the wall and last longer. Once the primer is dry, you can start applying the wallpaper.

Applying the Wallpaper Paste

The next step is to apply the paste. This can be done with a brush or roller. Apply an even layer of paste so the wallpaper will adhere properly.

Hanging the New Wallpaper

Once the paste is applied, you can begin hanging the wallpaper. Begin at the top of the wall and work your way down. Be sure to smooth out any bubbles as you go.

Trimming the Excess Wallpaper

Once the wallpaper is hung, you will need to trim the excess. You can do this with a utility knife or scissors. Be careful not to cut into the wallpaper itself.

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Get A New Modern Wallpaper Instead!

Wallpaper Styles and Patterns

There are three types of wallpaper you can choose from:

  • Non-pasted- This type of wallpaper doesn’t come with adhesive. You’ll need to use wallpaper paste to apply it to the wall.
  • Pre-pasted- This wallpaper has a coating on its back that’s activated once the paper soaks in water.
  • Self-adhesive- This wallpaper, also known as peelable wallpaper, has adhesive on its back, so all you need to do is peel off the backing and apply it to the wall.

There are a variety of wallpaper patterns to choose from.

From vintage patterns for a classic and antique look to contemporary and geometric patterns for a modern look, there’s something for everyone.

Your local home improvement store will carry a variety of patterns and styles to choose from. From navy blues with gold accents to floral and pastel colors, there’s a wide selection of wallpapers that will suit your taste. Using wallpaper to do an accent wall has been a popular design trend in recent years.

Enjoy Your New Designer Wallpaper!

Now that the wallpaper is hung sit back and enjoy your new modern wallpaper! Whether you go for a vintage or modern look, your walls will look great. With a little bit of care, your wallpaper will last for years to come.