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A 2023 Guide to Which Color Paint is Best for the Kitchen?

The kitchen is definitely the heart and soul of your entire house. Choosing the wrong paint color and finish for your otherwise beautiful kitchen can clash with the cabinet color, make the countertops look out of place, or worse, make the kitchen looker smaller than it really is.

Here is a simple and helpful guide to choosing the best kitchen paint colors for your fantastic home.

kitchen cabinet designs
If your cabinets are white, choosing a differing color for your walls will remove any blandness

The Best Paint Colors and Shades for a Kitchen with White Cabinets

White cabinetry is a hot trend for 2023, and if you are considering upgrading the cabinets, or repainting the existing pieces a beautiful shade of white, here are a few paint colors options that will complement the stark white cabinet color:

Basic gray. Several shades of gray, including a darker shade of slate, have been popular in kitchens for several years. The gray will look striking against the white cabinets.

Creamy white. A warm white shade of creamy white perfectly complements the white cabinets. Additionally, if you are selling your home, this color is fashionable and will be popular with potential buyers. This is a great shade for your kitchen cabinets and kitchen island, as well.

Gray with blue undertones. There are several shades of coastal blue and gray, which feature bluish overtones, and many are great options. You can add a single wall of this accent color, which will be a subtle contrast to your otherwise white kitchen.

Consider a combination of black, white, and brown. If you have shades of brown in your flooring and counters, use these as an inspiration for the walls in the space. A combination of black, white, and brown looks timeless in any room of the house, but especially in the kitchen.

Go bold and choose a shade of orange. Several shades of orange are making a comeback, especially for homeowners who love the mid-century modern aesthetic. In addition to being a hot color in 2023, orange will also make your kitchen feel vivid, dazzling, and welcoming.

bold kitchen colours
Add a splash of boldness to your kitchen walls for a touch of vibrancy

Setting the Mood for Your Meal

A great way to find the right color that will pair perfectly with the surrounding rooms is to draw inspiration from the kitchen furniture, such as the table or island stools, and work the colors throughout the space.

For example, add a fresh color that will be appealing when you are trying to relax and enjoy a meal as a family. Saturated shades of yellow, blue, and green paint will allow you to add a splash of color to the space without overwhelming the room. If the room is small, use darker colors sparingly.

A dark color, such as matte black or dark brown, can overwhelm the kitchen and make the space feel much smaller, more like a dungeon, and less like a warm and welcoming kitchen.

Grey, White, and Green kitchen ideas
Try one of these calming colors for your next kitchen project

Try These 3 Delicious Kitchen Paint Colors

Want to create a classic kitchen that will appeal to your growing family for several years to come? Here are four elegant kitchen paint color ideas that will work with almost any shade of natural stone or marble counters.

Cool Gray Kitchen

Gray has been a hot color for several years, and that is not going to change any time soon. A cool gray kitchen will pair with almost any color of cabinets and is the perfect color for nearly any aesthetic, from coastal or cottage to modern and French country.

Pure White

If you are in love with the idea of a crisp, clean, modern white kitchen is the optimal choice. This shade is a true white with very few noticeable undertones. In addition to the kitchen walls, you can use this versatile color on almost any surface throughout the kitchen, including the trim, custom cabinetry, or kitchen island.

Light Green Kitchen Walls

Whether you work with an interior designer or ask the team at Two Painters and a Brush to help you find the ideal paint color for your Colorado kitchen, chances are they will put light green at the top of their list of suggestions. Light green is a very versatile hue that will pair well with another bold color, such as emerald green or sapphire blue.

shades of blue for kitchen
No color brings more calmness and serenity than blue

Blue Wall Paint Colors

Blue is becoming more and more popular in 2023, primarily for bathroom and kitchen walls. It is a calming color that perfectly reflects natural light and works with almost any type of kitchen design. Here are a few of the hottest shades of blue paint for 2023:

Beachy, coastal blue. A hot color manufactured by one of the hottest brands out there, this shade of darker blue works well with other neutral kitchen paint colors, including cream and white cabinetry. Several shades are produced by major manufacturers such as Farrow & Ball.

Soft, understated blue. All the major paint manufacturers have hundreds of shades of blue paint. However, this particular shade is striking and ideal for the kitchen.

Patriotic blue. If you want to create a more sophisticated adult kitchen, all the major paint manufacturers have a patriotic color that is the right paint color for you. It perfectly combines brass hardware and gray marble or slate countertops.

consider your paint options
Take the time to compile a list of painting do’s and don’t so you need never forget!

Kitchen Colors: Do’s and Don’ts

Is this your first experience choosing a paint color for your kitchen? As a kitchen paint amateur, there are several simple dos and don’ts you should keep in mind:

Do get a sample before you make the final decision. Purchase or ask for a free sample of each prospective paint color. Paint a small portion of the walls with each color, particularly where there is bright natural light. This will definitely give you a much better idea of how to color with work with the other elements in the space, including the countertops, backsplash, and cabinets.

Don’t skimp on quality. Interior designers, and the crew at Two Painters and a Brush, will always recommend you purchase top-quality, fine paints from the best brands in the business for your kitchen space, including Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore, Behr, Glidden, and Farrow & Ball.

Do prep your walls before adding a fresh coat of paint. Whether you are painting the walls yourself or are hiring a professional to paint your living space, always prepare the walls properly. Clean the walls, fill any holes with spackle, and cover the cabinets and countertops with plastic sheeting.

Don’t forget that you are painting a cooking space. Because you are painting a working area, always choose a paint that is a great color and has the right finish. A semi-gloss finish or eggshell finish are the best options because they are easy to maintain and clean.

Create a more cohesive look by drawing inspiration from nearby rooms. You want your kitchen to feel like it flows into the rest of the home. One great way to make your kitchen stand out but still have amazing flow is to choose a similar shade to an adjacent room.

For example, go a shade lighter or darker than the adjoining dining room or kitchen. Just make sure that the shade works with your personal aesthetic and the colors in your backsplash, counters, and flooring.

warm neutral kitchen colors
Colors can suggest warmth or coolness. Choose which ambience you prefer for your kitchen!

Warm Neutral Kitchen

Warm colors are always a great option for the kitchen. However, don’t assume that neutral colors have to be boring. There are several shades of neutral paint colors that have a modern twist.

You can add some flair to the space by utilizing some accent colors that work well with these warmer neutral hues. For example, stark white trim is one option. Adding black or a darker brown will also act as a contrast.

navy blue accent kitchen wall
No color makes a statement quite like navy!

Navy Blue Kitchen Accent

If you are opting for white walls and want the perfect accent kitchen paint color, navy blue or a similar shade is one of the best choices. This stark, dark shade of blue will not only complement a white kitchen, but it will also work well with almost any other paint color choice, including bluish-gray, goldenrod, or even pink!

light brown kitchen tones
Light autumnal tones are subtle yet provide a well-familiar air of welcome and warmth to any kitchen

Lighter Shades of Neutral Tones and Beautiful Greige Colors

Aren’t familiar with the term “greige” colors? Basically, this combination of gray and beige, and greige paints are some of the hottest paint color ideas for 2023. Here are some of the hottest shades of neutral tones and greige colors for your kitchen walls or even kitchen cabinets:

Swiss Coffee or Another Lighter Shade of Brown

If you love the idea of adding a brown hue to your kitchen but are afraid that brown will overwhelm the small space, try a lighter shade of brown, such as Swiss Coffee. This popular kitchen paint color complements almost any brown, black, or cream countertops.

If you want a color that is a similar shade but features cooler undertones, try a slightly darker shade of brown instead.

Light Blue Kitchen Paint Color

Many people associate baby blue or light blue with different areas of the home, including the bathroom. However, there are several amazing lighter blue kitchen paint colors. These lighter colors work well with a coastal or classic kitchen aesthetic.

Buttery Yellow Kitchen

Take inspiration from a familiar favorite and utilize a bright yellow to bring some color and light into your kitchen. Brightly colored yellow walls work well with cream or white cabinetry. If you prefer a more muted shade of yellow, there are plenty of options available, as well.

White With Gray and Blue Undertones

Want the perfect shade of white paint that is versatile, striking, and can make any kitchen look bright and inviting? One of the most amazing kitchen paint colors for your Colorado home is far and away, the shade white with blue or gray undertones is a beautiful option that is also versatile.

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Reviews of Two Painters and a Brush

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“As the assistant editor of a major fashion magazine in Denver, I thought I knew everything about colors. I know how to create the perfect outfit, but I didn’t know how to find the ideal kitchen colors for my smaller kitchen space. Thankfully, the guys at Two Painters knew exactly what to pick. They helped me choose a beautiful shade of Farrow & Ball Stiffkey Blue paint, and I love how the room looks!” – Mike M

persona rashid ajMy Kitchen Looks Bright, Airy, and Inviting Thanks to Two Painters and a Brush

“I have a small kitchen that has always felt more like a dungeon than a welcoming space to entertain friends and family. I wanted a bright and airy color that would make my kitchen feel bigger. The team at Two Painters picked out a beautiful color, and I could not be more pleased with the results. Thanks!” – Rashid J

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“My whole house needed to be repainted, both inside and outside. Additionally, I was worried that my popcorn ceiling contained asbestos, and I knew I needed a professional to handle the removal. The crew from Two Painters came and took care of everything. The house looks great, and the popcorn ceilings are gone forever.” – Jessica D