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What Paint Brands Do Painters in Denver Recommend?

Are you considering upgrading the color of your home’s exterior or interior? There are several choices to consider, including which paint brand is the best option for your needs and budget. With so many amazing options available, how do you find the ideal brand for your Denver home and the unique climate of Eastern Colorado?

Here are some of the best brands in the business and a few tips to help you choose the right brand and finish for your Denver, CO, property.

exterior paint for your home
Choosing the right exterior paint will make your home shine rather than stick out!

exterior paint for your houseThe Best Exterior Paint for Denver Homes in 2023

There are dozens of brands at a variety of price points. Here are a few of the top exterior paint brands that professional painters would definitely recommend:

Sherwin Williams

The most popular brand in the United States, Sherwin Williams, was founded back in 1886 in Cleveland, Ohio, and is considered by many homeowners and professional painters to be the best exterior paint in the business. This brand of exterior paint is sold at most hardware and home improvement stores and is available in a very wide variety of colors and finishes.

There are several varieties of Sherwin Williams paint sold at several different price points, including:

  • Sherwin Williams Duration
  • Sherwin Williams Superpaint
  • Sherwin Williams Proclassic
  • Sherwin Williams Cashmere Source

If you want a product provided by an established brand that is a leader in the exterior paint market, you cannot go wrong with Sherwin Williams.

 Benjamin Moore

Another leader in the exterior paint industry, Benjamin Moore, has been in business for over 120 years. In addition to having a variety of colors and finishes, Benjamin Moore is known for their quality primers, as well. As a matter of fact, this New Jersey-based paint company was the first paint company to utilize computerized color-matching technology!

Some of the most popular varieties of Benjamin Moore include:

  • Benjamin Moore Aura Exterior
  • Benjamin Moore Regal Select
  • Ben Exterior


Valspar is a great option if you want to paint your exterior siding a lighter color without adding several layers of primer. The paint is available in several dozens of colors and is known for being fade-resistant and great at covering exterior stains.


Glidden is a popular option in Denver because the brand is known to withstand harsh winter temperatures and dry, arid summers. Some varieties of Glidden paint, including Glidden Exterior, are very fade-resistant and can be applied in temperatures as low as 35 degrees Fahrenheit.

Glidden is an ideal choice if your home’s exterior is covered in wood paneling or stucco.


With over 4,000 different paint colors to choose from, you cannot go wrong with Behr if you want to find a unique color that will make your Denver exterior stand out from the neighbors. Several varieties of Behr exterior paint, including Behr Premium, have zero VOCs and are often less expensive than other popular exterior paint brands.

interior paint for your denver co home
The finest selection of interior paint brands is now at your fingertips

interior paint for your home in DenverThe Best Interior Paint for Denver Homes in 2023

Ready to upgrade the drab colors in your kitchen, bathroom, master bedroom, or child’s bedroom? There are dozens of interior paint brands out there, and here are some of the best in the business:

Sherwin Williams

When it comes to exterior paint or interior paint, you cannot go wrong with Sherwin Williams. The brand offers several paint and primer-in-one options, which makes application much faster and much more manageable.

If you are hiring professional painters or tackling painting your home’s interior as a DIY project, you can count on Sherwin Williams to provide you with exceptional coverage.

Benjamin Moore

Just like Sherwin Williams, there are several different colors and styles of interior Benjamin Moore paint. This product is more budget-friendly than Sherwin-Williams, as well. The paint is easy to apply, easy to touch up, and easy to clean and maintain.

Ask your professional painters about the best variety of Benjamin Moore interior paint for your needs.

Ace Royal

If you want a more inexpensive interior paint brand that will still provide great coverage, consider Ace Royal. The brand is sold through Ace Hardware and comes in a very wide variety of colors and finishes. Before you choose this interior paint brand, talk to your painting contractor about its availability and if they use Ace Royal.

Pittsburgh Paints

If you want durable interior paint that is available in hundreds of paint colors and resists staining, UV fading, and chipping, PPG paints are a good choice. The price is similar to other high-end brands, including Dutch Boy and Sherwin Williams.

sherwin williams vs benjamin moore
Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore both set the standard of excellence for home painting projects

brands of paintSherwin Williams vs. Benjamin Moore

These two paint products are arguably the best of the best in the industry. For many Denver homeowners, it comes down to choosing between these two top brands. However, how do you decide which is the better option for you?

At Two Painters and a Brush, we can help you understand both the pros and cons of each interior and exterior paint brand to help you determine which you should have applied by professional painting companies.

choosing the right paint finish
Matt, Gloss, or Satin; the finish to your paint makes as much of an impact as the color itself

useful tips for paint finishesTips for Choosing the Right Paint Finish

In addition to the brand, you must also consider the paint’s finish. Not all finishes are created equal, and some are more ideal for your home’s exterior, while others would work well in certain rooms of your Denver house, such as the bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen.

Semi-gloss or high gloss finishes. Both finishes have a more reflective finish, meaning that if there are any imperfections on the walls, they will be visible. These paints are great options for trim, doors and kitchen cabinets, and backsplashes. If you have an area in the home you want to brighten up and make look larger, such as the bathroom or mudroom, semi-gloss is an excellent option because it is reflective, and the finish is more durable and easier to clean.

Satin or eggshell finishes. Paints that feature a satin finish have more of a shine than matte but are not as shiny or reflective as semi-gloss. This finish is ideal for high-traffic rooms and areas like the kitchen or bathroom. Eggshell and satin are both great interior paints that many Denver painting companies recommend because they are so forgiving.

Matte or flat finishes. Both matte and flat finishes have no sheen, as the names would suggest. These are better saved for low-traffic areas throughout your home, such as a guest bedroom. If you have stucco or a wall with several imperfections or scratches or have been previously painted, matte or flat finishes are the best options.

choosing the right paint for your denver co home
Take a little more time choosing the right paint for your Denver CO home rather than spending a fortune

shopping around for paintHow to Shop for the Best Paint for Your Denver Home’s Interior and Exterior

You are narrowing down your exterior and interior paint options but still need some advice to make a final decision. Here are the main points to consider when making a final decision on the best interior and best exterior paint for your home.

Color. Color is a huge consideration, and you must choose a color based on several factors. For example, if you plan to put your house on the market, choose a universally popular or neutral color, such as beige, gray, or tan. If you live in a homeowner’s association, the color needs to be approved by the HOA, as well.

Coverage and dry times. The average 2,000 square-foot home requires 13 to 15 gallons of paint to cover the exterior and 16 to 18 gallons to cover the walls inside the house. Additionally, if the paint project occurs during the fall when the weather can be cool and moist, you will require additional drying time. Take these factors into consideration when choosing paint, especially if you are on a budget.

Maintenance and durability. Do your homework to determine the overall maintenance and durability of the paint and the finish. For example, semi-gloss paints are typically easier to maintain than a matte or flat finish. If you require exterior work before the paint is applied, such as replacement siding, you need to factor this cost into your overall painting budget.

VOCs. VOCs, or volatile organic compounds, are dangerous chemicals that feature a low water solubility and higher vapor pressure. The presence of VOCs, which the Environmental Protection Agency regulates, can lead to several harmful reactions in humans, including headaches, nausea, and kidney or central nervous system damage. Always choose paints that feature very low, or better, zero VOC.

professional Denver painters
Hiring the professionals for your major painting projects will ensure your vision becomes reality!

professional paintersShould I Hire a Denver Professional Painting Company to Handle My Interior and Exterior Painting?

You have chosen the ideal new color and finish, but there is one final question: Should I tackle this DIY project myself or hire professional painters in Denver, Colorado? Here are several reasons you should always leave interior and exterior painting to a professional painter, including the team at Two Painters and a Brush:

The right tools and ideal equipment for the job. Did you know that if you want to paint your home’s exterior, you will spend between $2,500 and $4,000 on the supplies alone? This does not even include the cost of gallons of exterior paints! Why not save your money and space in the garage, and leave your exterior painting job to the professionals?

Experience. Finishing any paint project, big or small, can be tricky. Between picking out the right tools and paint product or wood stain to applying the painting expertly and quickly, you should just leave this chore to one of the amazing Colorado painters.

Skip the tedious prep work. Finally, the majority of Denver painting companies will do all the prep work for you, from moving furniture to taping window frames. Don’t waste your time doing this unlikeable task; instead, leave it to the best exterior paint team in Denver: Two Painters and a Brush!

two painters and a brush cartoon logo
Our boys are the leading professionals in the Denver CO area for all your painting projects!

Here is What Our Amazing Customers Have Said About Two Painters and a Brush

persona stacey sThe Best Painters in the Denver Area!

“I needed the exteriors on both my house and garage painted, and I contacted several painters in the Denver area, including Vivax Pros. The team at Two Painters and Brush recommended Regal Select paint in a glossy sheen. The quality paint they chose from the exterior trim was resistant to UV lights, which I would never have considered. If you need a paint job done in Colorado, call these guys!” – Stacey S

persona jeff gIt Only Took One Coat of Paint to Transform My Living Room

“I called several different painters in the Douglas County area, including Helix Painting, but was not impressed with their price quotes. I live in Colorado City, but I also needed my mom’s house in Castle Rock painted as well. The team at Two Painters recommended Benjamin Moore Super Spec for the job. It is a quality paint, and my mom’s and my living room’s exterior looks great.” Jeff G

persona juan eThe Paint Job Was Completed in a Matter of Hours

“My Downtown Denver home was a complete disaster. I had so many paint colors to choose from that I couldn’t make a final decision. I did a quick search of painters in my area, and Google recommended Paint Denver and Two Painters and a Brush. They are both great companies, but I went with Two Painters. They recommended a quality paint for my kitchen trim that definitely hid all the wear and tear done by my kids.” – Juan E

persona Paul KTheir Service Was Impeccable, and They Have Prices that Can’t be Beaten!

“After a lot of research, I knew I wanted Behr Premium for my Douglas County, Colorado home. It is a quality paint product. I also knew I definitely wanted to work with painting companies that could offer me a fair price and work with the paint product I preferred. Of all the companies in the Castle Rock area, Two Painters really cares about their clients and the service they provide. My paint resists UV fade, and my Colorado property looks perfect.” – Paul K

persona alejandra EOf All the Painting Companies in Denver, Colorado, Two Painters and a Brush is the Best!

“I needed the exteriors, and kitchen cabinets on my Denver rental properties painted right away. I knew I wanted Behr for the cabinets and Regal Select for the exteriors, as they are both quality products. I did a quick search of “paint Denver,” and several painting companies came up, including Vivax Pros, who were too expensive. The painter I initially talked to knew exactly what colors would work for my budget, and the painters who applied the product did high-quality work. Thanks, Two Painters, for making my Denver rental properties look amazing.” – Alejandra E