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People in Denver Want to Know What Painters Do

Suppose you have hired a professional to paint your home’s interior and exterior surfaces or commercial properties. In that case, you know that painters are hardworking individuals with particular skill sets and knowledge required to complete projects.

However, have you ever stopped and asked yourself: What exactly do painters do? What kind of training do professional painters have? Here are the answers to some questions you might not have even realized you had about the extraordinary life of professional painters, including the crew at Two Painters & A Brush!

more than just a painter
Despite the over simplistic title, painters are more like project managers on site. Making sure every detail and every conceivable outcome is anticipated and prepared for.

Painter Responsibilities and Job Duties

When you hire a professional painter, the crew will have many more responsibilities beyond slapping on a fresh coat of new paint on your kitchen, living room, or bathroom walls. You might be surprised to learn that being a painter is a very challenging profession requiring a unique skill set.

Examine Surfaces to Determine the Best Type of Products for the Job

Did you know there are five different main types of paint finishes, and each finish is very different? For example, if you are painting over a textured wall in the kitchen, the best option would be a flat finish because it will not draw attention to the texture and any imperfections on the walls.

The best type of paint for a bathroom is a semi-gloss or satin finish because these finishes are easier to clean and can withstand the constant temperature fluctuations present in a bathroom.

Your painter will need to inspect your interior and exterior surfaces to decide which color is the best option and the ideal paint finish.

professional painting supplies
As professional tradespeople, painters have access to all the supplies they need at tax-free, wholesale prices

Purchase and Provide Painting Supplies

The last time you visited the home improvement or hardware store, were you overwhelmed by the sheer number of paint colors and painting tools available? A professional can not only mix paint properly but will have access to wholesale paint and tool suppliers; this includes purchasing masking tape, drop cloths, and putty to fill cracks.

This means your painter will pay far less for supplies and paint than you would at your local home improvement store. Plus, hiring a professional means you don’t need to buy your own tools or store old paint, both of which will inevitably take up real estate in the garage for the next few years!

Determine Costs and Negotiate Prices

Your painting company will be an expert at painting walls. However, that same professional will also understand how much paint to purchase, the time frame to finish the job, and how much to charge their clients. Many painters own their own business, which makes budgeting and purchasing a considerable part of their job.

Painter Skills and Personality Traits

In addition to understanding how to purchase paint and negotiate prices with suppliers and clients, there are many other qualifications in a painter’s job description.

Knowledge of Paint and Tools and How to Use Them Properly

In addition to handling a brush or roller, a good painter must also utilize several other tools on the job. These include paint spray guns, power tools, scaffolding, and industrial painting strippers. You might be very surprised to learn that several major repairs are often required before the paint can be successfully applied, and many of these repairs are often performed by a painter!

moving items in painting room
When it comes to painting in a room crowded with furniture or equipment, you’ll be glad to have a professional who can clear the way!

Physical Strength

Between lugging around huge five-gallon buckets of paint and filler to carrying ladders and scaffolding, being a painter requires a lot of physical strength. Additionally, the painter must be on their feet and in awkward positions for several hours a day to successfully complete the job.

Ability to Think on Their Feet

If you love to problem solve and can come up with solutions on the fly to fix any number of issues that can arise during a typical job, congratulations because you possess the soft skills of a professional painter! Painters must be able to think on their feet and come up with unique and sometimes downright brilliant solutions to problems without direct supervision.

attention to detail
Even when applying white to a white surface, it’s important not to wander onto other layers such as the ceiling!

Detail Oriented

If you have ever applied paint to residential and commercial properties, you know that painting can often require a lot of fine work that must be very accurate. The ideal candidate to become a great professional painter is very detailed oriented and can finish one task quickly and effectively before moving on to the next.

what makes a good professional painter
What makes a good professional painter? It takes a lot more skill than simply knowing your way around a brush and roller.

Painter Job Description: Top Duties and Qualifications

Sure, painters apply paint, but there is so much more to this job. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, painters typically work outdoors and indoors, and there are no additional formal education requirements beyond a high school diploma.

The average salary of a painter can vary greatly, depending on where a painter lives, if the painter is an employee, or if the painter owns their own small paint business.

Excellent Math Skills

Before a professional can start painting, they need to determine the amount of primer and paint that is required for the job. This includes the necessary product to do touch-ups before the job is completed. To be a successful painter, the professional must have extensive math skills.

Time Management Skills

Painting jobs can be complicated, especially if the painter is on a tight timeline. For example, the painters must factor in prep time, drying time of an entire wall and other surfaces, and time to move around equipment. A painter must be able to stay on top of a job and work on a strict timeline to ensure the job is done professionally and promptly.

painters with good communication
Professional painters will not only listen closely to the clients needs and wants but will communicate to each other clearly when undertaking projects

Proven Communication Skills

Getting your commercial property or residential home professionally painted is a tremendous job that can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. You want to ensure that if you have any concerns about the experience, your needs are met, and your questions are answered. A great painter will have fantastic communication skills to ensure the customer feels heard and understood.

Knowledge of Handling Hazardous Materials

From varnish to strippers and other sealers, painters must have extensive knowledge of not only how to handle hazardous materials but also how to wear the proper safety equipment for the job. Many companies put their painters through extensive hazardous materials training to ensure a safe work environment.

removing cabinet doors before painting
Cabinet doors are better removed and laid flat before painting begins. Our team have got you covered!

Preparing the Job Site

A paint job involves more than simply applying paint to trim and walls. Extensive prep work must occur before the first layer of primer, paint, or varnish can be expertly applied.

Place Scaffolding and Ladders

A house painter often utilizes scaffolding and ladders to safely reach high surfaces, such as the trim on second-floor windows or the tricky area underneath the soffit. Commercial painters will also often utilize ladders and scaffolding to paint office buildings and other larger commercial structures.

Prepare Surfaces

One of the most overlooked and labor-intensive aspects of applying paint is prepping each and every wall, piece of trim, and other surface to create a smooth finish. This includes filling holes, evening out surfaces on the walls and ceiling, and removing electric switch covers and outlet covers.

using the correct brushes
Knowing where to use which instrument is crucial for a smooth result. Brushes for the frame and tight areas with fixtures. Rollers for the wide open spaces!

Apply Paint With the Proper Tools and Equipment

Before the painter applies a single layer of primer or paint, they must determine the right tool for the job. For example, spray guns are often the better option for larger exterior surfaces, including a home or business exterior or a large wooden fence. A paintbrush is ideal for detail work, while your painter might opt for rollers when covering larger interior surfaces.

Whatever the painting task, your painter will understand the correct tool for the job!

Maintain a Safe Work Environment

Often, painters work under dangerous conditions, especially if the painter is walking along scaffolding or on top of a ladder, painting edges on large commercial buildings. Your professional painter will take extra precautions to ensure that both you, as the client, and their own crew are completely safe throughout the entire job.

in-home estimation for painting project
An in-home surveyor will be able to calculate costs and offer advice on projects before any money changes hands

Providing Estimates

When you call a professional painter, a professional will visit your home or commercial property; the painter will thoroughly inspect your property, take measurements, and provide you with a preliminary estimate. This estimate will include several aspects necessary to create a beautiful and smooth finished product, including:

  • The cost of supplies, including new paint, filler, primer, tools, drop cloths, and everything else required to finish the job. Look for a highly detailed estimate that includes the exact paint color and manufacturer.
  • Prep costs.
  • Labor.
  • Detailed measurements.
  • A detailed timeline.

Finally, ensure that any estimate you receive includes a final walkthrough. This final walkthrough is for the benefit of the client and to ensure that they are 100% satisfied with the painter’s finished product.

What You As a Client Need to do to Prepare for Professional Painting

Professional painters are charged with covering surfaces, including furniture and flooring or carpet, to protect them from paint splatter, providing materials, and ensuring the work environment is safe.

However, there are several small things you can do as a homeowner to ensure the painters can perform their duties as quickly and efficiently as possible, including:

remove wall hangings before painters work
Removing wall hangings and scrubbing dirt will make the project run smoother once the painters arrive

Clean the Walls and Remove Photos or Artwork

You know how dirty your walls can get if you have kids or pets. Unfortunately, all that crayon artwork, dirt, and dog hair can ruin the finished product. Take an afternoon to clean any walls inside your home that will be painted.

For walls with no stains or other potential problems, such as grease or mildew, a simple solution of water and dish soap is often the best option. Add a degreasing solution to your water to clean the walls in your kitchen, especially around your oven. If you have any mildew, such as in the bathroom, use a mixture of bleach and water.

Give your walls several hours or days to dry before the painters arrive. If the painters apply primer or paint to damp walls, it can lead to paint bubbles and blistering.

Take down any family photos, shelving, and artwork, as well. Most residential painters are responsible for filling cracks and holes before starting any paint jobs.

dog barking at intruder
Not exactly the warmest of welcomes! Your pets will instinctively be distrusting of strangers so relocating them until the work is done is essential.

Find a Place For Your Kids and Pets

Between the ladders and scaffolding to the power tools and half-empty paint cans, your home’s exterior will be a potentially dangerous place for small children and pets. Make a plan for your kids and pets before the painters arrive.

For example, if you are undergoing an extensive interior and exterior paint job, consider relocating until the painters are done and the paint has completely dried. Visit a friend’s house or check into a hotel for a fun family staycation!

research professional painters in denver online
Online listings are an invaluable way of sourcing painters in your area. The Better Business Bureau can also verify the integrity of these professionals

Where to Start Looking for a Reputable House Painter

You are ready to refresh the look of your home or office’s exterior and interior and want to start looking for outstanding and qualified painters in the Denver area. With all the painting companies around, how do you find the right professionals for your budget? Here are a couple of simple tips to help you find great painters in your area, including the crew at Two Painters & A Brush!

Ask For Referrals From Trusted Friends, Family, and Neighbors

Walk around your neighborhood or phone friends and family members. Did they have a positive experience with painters, and do they have any recommendations? Your loved ones are the best source of information about the best of the best professionals in your area.

Hop Online and Do Some Extensive Research

In addition to asking for referrals from people you trust, the internet is an excellent source of information about local professionals. A smart place to start your search is through the Better Business Bureau. This independent rating site provides consumers with information about every business imaginable, including professional painters.

The website will also provide customer testimonials and information about complaints, including if the company worked to resolve these complaints.

Hire a Company That Specializes in Painting

Chances are several local contractors will offer painting services. However, it is in your best interest to hire a company specializing in residential and commercial properties and painting interior and exterior surfaces.

interior or exterior paint work
Are you looking for painters exclusively for your home interior or do you need outdoor work done as well?

Are There Different Types of Painters?

There are several different types of specialty painters, and understanding which painter you will require is critical to ensuring your hire the ideal professional for the job. For example, some painters can do it all, including experts who paint surfaces on both commercial and residential properties.

Some painters specialize in exterior painting, while others will only paint the interior of residential properties. If you aren’t sure whether the company you are considering working with understands your needs, you can always simply ask!

Should You Paint Your Home Or Business Yourself or Hire a Pro?

You are ready to head to the home improvement store and find the dream colors for your master bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, or small boutique in Denver, Colorado. However, before you pick up a paintbrush to apply paint, which is a lot harder job than you might realize, you must ask yourself: Can I handle this major, detailed-oriented job, or should I leave it to the professionals?

In most cases, the answer to this question is simple: Save yourself the time and grief and, instead, hand off the job of painting your home or office to the professionals. In addition to the reasons mentioned above, here are just a few of the several reasons why if you need to have your home or business painted, you need to leave this specialized job to the professional:

prepping home before painting
Before the first can is opened, the room must be prepped so that the paint goes only where it’s supposed to and not on your floors and furniture. Are you up to the task?

Skip the Prep Time

If you have ever painted any surface in your home, you know how exhausting and frustrating prepping for the job can be. Between covering the flooring with plastic sheeting to filling seemingly-endless holes, the entire process is labor-intensive and just plain boring! Save yourself from this exhausting chore and, instead, hand it off to the professionals.

Painters Carry Liability Insurance

You probably don’t equate painting with danger or injury. However, when you combine the use of potentially hazardous materials and heights, you will quickly realize that painting can be very treacherous. Most painters carry comprehensive liability insurance.

This means that if any of their employees are injured on the job, you will not be liable for these injuries.

finished professional product
Pristine accent walls, professionally done with not a smudge of paint out of place. Let us know what you think!

An Amazing Finished Product

Think back to the last time you attempted to paint your child’s bedroom or guest bathroom. Did you leave streaks, miss spots, or worse, get paint splatter on your flooring and trim? A professional painter is skilled and knowledgeable, and you can rest assured that the finished product will be immaculate.

call us today and let us help you on your painting project
We’re ready to make your painting project dreams a reality! Call us today!

Hire Two Painters & A Brush For All Your Denver Interior and Exterior Painting Needs

Are you ready to take the big plunge and hire the best interior and exterior painting company in the Denver metro area? Look no further than Two Painters & A Brush. We are locally owned, operated, and ready to meet all of your painting needs. Our talented team of painters has the right tools, experience, and training to transform your residential or commercial properties.

We take tremendous pride in all our work, and we guarantee that you will love your new paint job, both today and several years in the future.

We offer a massive variety of services in the Denver Metro, including:

Unlike other painters in the Denver area, we also specialize in kitchen cabinet painting and popcorn ceiling removal. Rather than springing for new cabinets, painting your kitchen cabinets can save you thousands.

Additionally, if you are trying to sell your home or are simply tired of looking at your ugly popcorn ceiling, we can handle the complete removal and disposal of the ceiling materials, as well.

Here is What Our Amazing Customers Are Saying About the Team at Two Painters and A Brush

persona joy perryThe best painters and crew in the Denver area!

“I needed my bedroom, bathrooms, kitchen, and several other structures on my property painted, including a shed and my garage. I contacted several painting contractors around Denver, but none of them were as impressive as Two Painters & A Brush. The estimate was fair, they use the best products, and the team was very friendly. I am truly excited about the finished product too!” – Joy Perry, Denver, CO.

persona stacey richterIf you want to refresh your home’s interior and exterior, give Two Painters a call!

“My home’s interior was ugly and dated. I knew I wanted a more modern look, and not every painting company around Denver understood my vision. I called a representative from Two Painters, and they knew exactly what I wanted. I worked with them throughout the entire process, including choosing the colors for my home’s interior. The finished look is beautiful, and I know I will love it for years.” – Stacey Richter, Aurora, CO.

persona ben slomanI am a terrible painter and knew I should leave this job to the professionals

“After trying and failing to paint my master bathroom, I knew that I needed to hire a professional to handle the job. I got in touch with Two Painters & A Brush, and a representative came out the next day. He helped me pick out a great color, and the job was perfect. I am so happy I contacted Two Painters!” – Ben Sloman, Lakewood, CO.

persona kristi swenI was putting my home on the market and deeded to have my exterior painted

“I got my dream job in Pennsylvania and needed to sell my house in Westminster as soon as possible. The exterior of my house was a terrible green color, and I knew I had to have it professionally painted if my home was ever going to sell. The team at Two Painters understood exactly what I wanted, and the new color is beautiful. After the successful completion of the job, I was able to sell my house in two weeks!” – Kristi Swen, Westminster, CO